Sunday, April 03, 2005


Its the Road Trip themed vacation. Rent a car and visit 7 states and a district in 2 weeks.

Why is the plane scheduled to leave an hour earlier than originally planned? SO that it can sit at the gate for an hour and a half due to technical difficulties which I am sure were directly related to the limited movie selections.

How can anyone not bring provisions on a flight? Our passenger buddy (hardly) slept for most of the day flight and then looked at her manicured nails for 3 hours while waiting for a diet coke. Do those flight attendant call buttons actually work on El Al? Yes they do, but only when you have fallen back asleep. I then told the kind stewardess (can I write that without offending anyone) that she wanted a water. When Princessa awoke she drank it up. Hydration dear girl, and not teeth-eating acid juice is the way of the traveller.

Breakfast choices. "Eggs or Pleaches?" Ma? Of course I have had the peaches breakfast before but I had to clarify. What is it in Hebrew? "Blinches." Ah yes, blintzes. That word should definitely be taught at Berlitz.

On the road again tomorrow...