Friday, March 11, 2005

Wonder Woman

Okay, I can't find the article about Rabbis forbidding the wearing of the promiscuous color red. But that pretty much sums up their claim.

And now a heroine who wore red and some personal validation...

With the help of (way-in-syndicate TV shows) file sharing, we watched Wonder Woman. She is always saving the day. It was pointed out to me that some of her special powers are merely sound effects, but nevertheless I think anyone who can keep her bosom in a strapless super-leotard is a superhero. So this episode was THE episode. Hitler (yemach shmo) was cloned by a Dr. who specialized in regeneration. Anyway, the point is I had tried to explain to my Hebrew school class that this episode existed and they all laughed at me. (Did they think I nightmared that one up?) And behold here it was on our "TV".

For the record, we do not have a TV, nor a tuner, so the TV tax people should send their mailings to someone else.