Monday, May 08, 2006


There are window boxes outside on the grate of our porch/bedroom shutters. When Mom was visiting we bought 2 of them, filled them with dirt and she planted the seeds. My green pinky toe is no match to her green thumb. Yesterday amidst the varying shades of green, I saw pink! One of the clinging plants has a bright pink flower. Very exciting. Thanks Mom.

The middle box is successfully sprouting greenery of all types. It was a going away gift from a friend and was pre-filled with a flowering succulent. Now it has small leafy plants that I cannot identify because I have no idea if I planted them or a bird brought them. There is one plant that I do recognize—a blade of grass. Mr. Hawaiian Shirt suggests that we call him “Blade” for short.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Blue and White

We celebrated 58 years young with the rest of the nation. As I looked up from the courtyard BBQ to the neighboring apartment buildings I saw many flags; small ones and large ones. Six-sided stars with a point at the top and one on its side. And the laundry that the families had on the line to dry…2 were blue loads and 2 were white.

Our colors.