Friday, February 25, 2005

Musings of the Week

Ants, ants everywhere...They are said to never cross a chalk line. So get your chalk out and draw the line.
Here's the problem, on which side do I draw the line? Maybe around myself? Or maybe around the whole darn building.

What I really want to write about (and I will) are my various musings. This time they will get on the blog before Shabbat. I even took notes.

Childhood foods. These past few days I wanted a Safta (grandmother in Hebrew) creation of sour cream, cottage cheese, and fresh fruit. I subbed yogurt for the sour cream and added a bit of maple syrup for the white sugar. Yummy. The drop in temperature caused me to seek raw sun rays outdoors. I set up on the stone wall out front of the apartment and ate my (lower in fat) delicacy. Mom called and I bookmarked my page. A gorgeous black cat asked to have some of the dairy treat. I obliged. A beautiful moment that spanned an hour. Dr. Dolittle, a man in orange doing Tai Chi near the far bench and a young boy doing imaginary work on the cement while his loving grandmother looked on. I looked up to the entrances and thought of SIMS. If I could control this building... for one I would not allow the downstairs neighbor to smoke in the stairwell or out her window or at all...only because it violates my personal space. More importantly though, if it were the SIMS, I would know what-the-hey the Thailandi neighbors are doing after midnight and every Friday afternoon, sounds like carpentry but I seriously doubt it.

Elevator Etiquette. So all this week I frequented an oblong elevator. How does one stand in one of those? It fit two people across and four people deep and there were only 2 floors! Did I mention the mirror? I took the stairs.

Men packing heat. It turns me on.

Next time:
Seeing the color red...

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Other Journal

I wrote 4 pages in my journal last night(!) when I couldn't sleep. I wrote about the state of things: my work, my moods, my fears and of course the weather. Why, praytell could I not write those innermost feelings to you out there in cyberspace? Because I knew it was passing, and well...suffice it to say that a pen with indigo ink and lined paper bound in a decorative cover is where the deep stuff can be safely stored.

I cried a bit the next morning and talked it out and felt better. Piped in music : It's All Right to Cry... (Free2Be)

And while my hands-on artistry is not sprouting, web links are ensuring that color and texture (albeit 2D), are alive and well.

I bring you... me, SP style.
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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Day of Significance

'tis the last 20 minutes of that little known holiday(?), Groundhog Day. Of course, I celebrated by watching the movie of the same name. I really enjoy the movie, every time, no matter how repetitious it may seem. (And the report from Punxatawney Phil is 6 more weeks of winter! North America.)

Today would be a great day to repeat over and over for some of us out there in Blogland and Bloglessville. Engagements, baby namings, and... our anniversary. Many ask, which one is it, because it seems as though we have been together forever,... in a good way. But it is only 1 year since the Wanetik wedding bash and our "10 years" worth of stuff on display and the toilet seat cover and matching bathmat would not support that reality one bit. The honey drizzle year has come to a close and we return to salting our Sabbath challah. But let a tear not fall, we have many simchas in this upcoming year and we will eat honey at their tables, or ours if they accept our invitations except of course for our vegan duo, maybe maple syrup is okay?

Today also has the opposite significance assigned to it, the passing of my cousin Menachem. I did not know him well but I know he was a great man. The extended family will come together tomorrow at his funeral. Births, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, and funerals- the life cycle. (There are also the "snipping"s but my endearing term didn't fit in that list.)

And so, we start off our anniversary day, Kaf Daled (24) Shevat, apart and come together to mourn for a passing while sharing life and our memories.

Then we will drive to Tiveria to relish in an extravagant anniversary meal courtesy of our Oregonian chum.

We will remember that we have reached this day in this land because of the sacrifices of our families. And we thank them.