Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Other Journal

I wrote 4 pages in my journal last night(!) when I couldn't sleep. I wrote about the state of things: my work, my moods, my fears and of course the weather. Why, praytell could I not write those innermost feelings to you out there in cyberspace? Because I knew it was passing, and well...suffice it to say that a pen with indigo ink and lined paper bound in a decorative cover is where the deep stuff can be safely stored.

I cried a bit the next morning and talked it out and felt better. Piped in music : It's All Right to Cry... (Free2Be)

And while my hands-on artistry is not sprouting, web links are ensuring that color and texture (albeit 2D), are alive and well. http://www.i-am-bored.com

I bring you... me, SP style.

1 comment:

miketheman said...

Just in case you forgot the scrap of paper somewhere....
How did you guys enjoy the show last night?
Hope it left you with something.