Thursday, January 27, 2005

a bit of time, a bit of space

What you should know before reading on...
1. The bus lines #14 and #18 share four bus stops on their respective routes.
2. This may not be my best work but makes an interesting point nonetheless.

While waiting at the bus stop for the #14, not one, not two, but three #18s passed me by. A lady got on one of them. I know this because the #14 finally arrived and three bus stops later, we picked her up again. I know it was the same lady because she was wearing a jacket that could only be described best by Troy, one of my college housemates, "Her jacket looks like a rainbow threw up on her!"

Are you following this?

So I thought, maybe she got on the wrong bus and asked the driver about her destination and he then told her to wait at this last shared stop for the line she needed. She was on the same side of the road so she gained distance. But she did not gain time.

I thought briefly about the relationship between distance and time but not for long because it was way too analytical for the midday moment.

Does this particular post need more explanation? Comments encouraged.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Circles with arrows

Recently, in many conversations with girlfriends, the subject of the book The Rules has come up. At least 2 of those who have read it say it cannot be erased from your mind once you have perused the pages of the dating guidebook. I have not read it, yet. Whether these gals speak the truth or not, I do not know, but they do know there is a price to pay for valuable personalized advice.
You will be happy to know that the email consultations are more affordable.

I have been fortunate enough to conduct my own research on the male gender of our species. Just last night in my laboratory, a place where I like to mix a bit of this and that which results in a scrumptious foodstuff, two circles with arrows pointing to the upper right kept up insipid conversation, outdoing each other by claiming they "knew" why things were the way they were. All topics downspiraled to negativity until both parties were bashing organizations and systems and society and all else. Just short of peeing on the sturdy legs of the dining room table, the tomcats agreed to join forces against the world's imperfections. What a relief!

Unfortunately this battle and then surrender in the form of comradery, caused physical ailments for the circle balanced on an elongated plus sign, who in turn retreated to the bedroom for solace in earphones and the various late-night radio tunes. The dream world proved to be colorful yet again and continued into late morning. And the realization upon waking that both males had left for bread-winning, the baker smiled.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

the Muse

In an interview about Shabbat, Emunah Elon spoke about the muse that made itself present from sunset on, causing creative thought and negating its being put to paper due to the prohibition of writing.

Before leaving for our Friday night meal, sitting in the dimly lit living room, I looked over and saw a glow emanating from the kitchen sink. At first I was mildly surprised but then quickly remembered- having heard horror stories about those who returned home to find a burned room if not an apartment attributed to the burning of the holy candles, I had lit the Shabbat candles in the sink. All is marble-topped and the windows are shut and there are no curtains in the kitchen but nonetheless, paranoia tri-decadia is setting in.

This is the debilitating disease that is for sure hereditary but really spreads environmentally or rather through nurture. It’s the over caring about the things that will inevitably go bump in the night. Teflon coated pans, tuna in cans, and attacks in the remote corners of shopping center parking lots. We don’t have parking lots of that size because our country is too small. Nevertheless I should not make light of the “dangers” that exist in the world.

For now, a search engine serves as my home page and I seek out the “facts” as I choose. The “news” will find me anyway whether I like it or not. And maybe I will gain a few more years of healthy living in the process.

Friday, January 21, 2005

and now a pocket warming story...

Imagine..Rachel at the shuk with a full-to-capacity cart of veggies and meat (in the raw) and fruits for weekly eating and a backpack, also fully stuffed, of herbs and greens for soup. Not so hard to visualize. It is Thursday and she wants just one more no fuss snack- Chinese Oranges (A.K.A. ripe kumquats). I pay the seller 7.40 and walk off, balancing my just bought strawberries on the fabric lid of the shuk cart so that I do not have berry mush when I arrive at home.

As I unpack the goodies and put all away in fridge and fruit bowl, no kumquats!

Fast forward to Tuesday! I go back to the seller and tell him that I was there Thursday and forgot my mini citrus there. He remembered! He then put 10 shekels worth of the little treats in a bag for me, because the price had gone up.

Ah these are the honest joys of memory! Or is it the memorable joys of honesty?