Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Circles with arrows

Recently, in many conversations with girlfriends, the subject of the book The Rules has come up. At least 2 of those who have read it say it cannot be erased from your mind once you have perused the pages of the dating guidebook. I have not read it, yet. Whether these gals speak the truth or not, I do not know, but they do know there is a price to pay for valuable personalized advice.
You will be happy to know that the email consultations are more affordable.

I have been fortunate enough to conduct my own research on the male gender of our species. Just last night in my laboratory, a place where I like to mix a bit of this and that which results in a scrumptious foodstuff, two circles with arrows pointing to the upper right kept up insipid conversation, outdoing each other by claiming they "knew" why things were the way they were. All topics downspiraled to negativity until both parties were bashing organizations and systems and society and all else. Just short of peeing on the sturdy legs of the dining room table, the tomcats agreed to join forces against the world's imperfections. What a relief!

Unfortunately this battle and then surrender in the form of comradery, caused physical ailments for the circle balanced on an elongated plus sign, who in turn retreated to the bedroom for solace in earphones and the various late-night radio tunes. The dream world proved to be colorful yet again and continued into late morning. And the realization upon waking that both males had left for bread-winning, the baker smiled.


asi gal said...

true. us arrow launching warriors often will fight on our right to give criticism and oppose all other criticism directed at us. yet, i would still prefer a punch to the face then a scratching feline claw in my eye.

Ari said...

Wow, the language, the intuitiveness, the metaphors! It's simply blog euphoria. Please keep posting, you have, at least, one devoted reader.