Thursday, January 27, 2005

a bit of time, a bit of space

What you should know before reading on...
1. The bus lines #14 and #18 share four bus stops on their respective routes.
2. This may not be my best work but makes an interesting point nonetheless.

While waiting at the bus stop for the #14, not one, not two, but three #18s passed me by. A lady got on one of them. I know this because the #14 finally arrived and three bus stops later, we picked her up again. I know it was the same lady because she was wearing a jacket that could only be described best by Troy, one of my college housemates, "Her jacket looks like a rainbow threw up on her!"

Are you following this?

So I thought, maybe she got on the wrong bus and asked the driver about her destination and he then told her to wait at this last shared stop for the line she needed. She was on the same side of the road so she gained distance. But she did not gain time.

I thought briefly about the relationship between distance and time but not for long because it was way too analytical for the midday moment.

Does this particular post need more explanation? Comments encouraged.

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Ari said...

Much like many aspects of life in Israel, the relationship between time and distance and buses seems like one of those things that just is. Analyzing such a relationship too much could have negative consequence such as headaches and unexplained hunger pangs.