Sunday, January 23, 2005

the Muse

In an interview about Shabbat, Emunah Elon spoke about the muse that made itself present from sunset on, causing creative thought and negating its being put to paper due to the prohibition of writing.

Before leaving for our Friday night meal, sitting in the dimly lit living room, I looked over and saw a glow emanating from the kitchen sink. At first I was mildly surprised but then quickly remembered- having heard horror stories about those who returned home to find a burned room if not an apartment attributed to the burning of the holy candles, I had lit the Shabbat candles in the sink. All is marble-topped and the windows are shut and there are no curtains in the kitchen but nonetheless, paranoia tri-decadia is setting in.

This is the debilitating disease that is for sure hereditary but really spreads environmentally or rather through nurture. It’s the over caring about the things that will inevitably go bump in the night. Teflon coated pans, tuna in cans, and attacks in the remote corners of shopping center parking lots. We don’t have parking lots of that size because our country is too small. Nevertheless I should not make light of the “dangers” that exist in the world.

For now, a search engine serves as my home page and I seek out the “facts” as I choose. The “news” will find me anyway whether I like it or not. And maybe I will gain a few more years of healthy living in the process.

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