Friday, January 21, 2005

and now a pocket warming story...

Imagine..Rachel at the shuk with a full-to-capacity cart of veggies and meat (in the raw) and fruits for weekly eating and a backpack, also fully stuffed, of herbs and greens for soup. Not so hard to visualize. It is Thursday and she wants just one more no fuss snack- Chinese Oranges (A.K.A. ripe kumquats). I pay the seller 7.40 and walk off, balancing my just bought strawberries on the fabric lid of the shuk cart so that I do not have berry mush when I arrive at home.

As I unpack the goodies and put all away in fridge and fruit bowl, no kumquats!

Fast forward to Tuesday! I go back to the seller and tell him that I was there Thursday and forgot my mini citrus there. He remembered! He then put 10 shekels worth of the little treats in a bag for me, because the price had gone up.

Ah these are the honest joys of memory! Or is it the memorable joys of honesty?

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