Monday, October 30, 2006


Every Friday (or Thursday), our neighbor cleans the stairs by the waterfall method. She picks up everyone’s doormats and places them on the railing. After the squeegee part is done, the mats are put back in front of their respective apartments. Ours was a gift from Mom and it actually reads: “WELCOME”. Every Friday morning however, it returns to its spot upside down so that when one leaves the apartment, they are “welcomed” into the world out there.

I have been exposed to a lot more Hebrew lately with my new job in an over half Hebrew speaking environment. This is wonderful for me but there is one noticeable problem so far-how do I know when I am asked a question? It seems that most languages have clues such as inflection. I know that in Asian dialects, inflection is everything. While my command of the Hebrew language is less than perfect, I infer the meanings of the words that I don’t understand. But when someone asks me a question using words that fly by and I miss the question mark, I just nod. Give me my cue please.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Gulindo Bistro Bar

Oh what a treat! Today I had canneloni with salsa rosa.
Their yogurt soup is also divine.
Great background tunes.
A must eat there!

Shamai 17.