Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Robin William's character in Dead Again, said. "You are either a smoker or not. Find out which one you are and be that."
Today I saw a "smoker" and she so wasn't. I had a sense I should tell her. I didn't. I mean how would that pan out.
"Excuse me, you are not a smoker."
"&$@! off!"
I am not a smoker. But I can tell if someone is. I think this "gift" started after I saw the movie. Whatever.


Mr. Hawaiian Shirt said...

I like that your recognize your special powers. I think people should be more in tune to what there bodys and environment are saying.

miketheman said...

So, am I a smoker?

tafka PP said...

I'm definitely not a smoker. I've always known this, even when I was smoking- I'm sure you "knew" too.

Rachel said...

Yes Mike. You are.

Rachel said...

But if you quit, s'ok.