Saturday, March 18, 2006


After 2 full weeks of back pain and the theories on why it ails me: financial worries, holding on to something in the past, slept in a draft, and the advice: spend money and get better furniture, take painkillers, wrap a scarf around yourself to keep the area warm, I chuckle at some of the irony but then I quickly stop because that too causes me pain. I actually have a bit of cash in ye olde bank (mostly because I cannot get up and out to spend it) but a good office chair is not where I would like to invest my funds. I reflect on 2006 and think about letting go of those somethings of the "past" 3 months and then realize that "loss" doesn't necessarily mean gone.
I moved us to the warmer living room to avoid leaky windows, I sampled many painkillers (aspirin won), mentholated my sore back, and then wrapped it in a towel. My back is still out...with the jury.

And do you know what those U-shaped toilet mats are for? I thought they were to protect my feet from the cold tiled floor.

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spicey! just thought i would mention that! s