Monday, April 17, 2006


Beethoven wrote in a letter, "Whoever tells a lie cannot be pure in heart - and only the pure in heart can make a good soup." So I got worried. Because around the same time that I read and internalized this quote, my soups were decidedly untasty. Today however, the tides have turned.

Today's chicken soup is: Chicken boiled in 8 qt. pot, frothy stuff removed. Added celery leaves, 2 parsnips (or parsley root?) and the parsley greens on top, 2 carrots, 6 cloves garlic sliced, 1 small leek sliced. Boil boil, no toil and no trouble. Yum.


tafka PP said...

And it was very tasty, too!

chavaleh said...


I've been doing waaay to much psychometric-style logic. I immediately tried working out whether that meant that 'all those who are pure of heart - make good soup' or 'good soup - pure of heart.'

Thank God that's over!!

Ari said...

I agree with both these comments. God help me if a third person, myself not included, leaves another comment. I will have no way of updating my own comment and will appear, I fear, terribly out of fashion.