Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing.

As a teenager growing up in the US, people would sometimes ask you, "Who died?" when the expression on your face appeared sad or distant. Maybe you were having a bad day or maybe nothing of significance happened and you just didn't feel like smiling. Whatever the case...what an insensitive question. Teenagers have it rough; growing pains, arguments with parents, and getting grounded for no apparent reason. But then again, it really doesn't matter what age you may be, these are trying times. There is a war going on. Maybe there are several wars going on but only one seems to make the headlines. I try to distance myself from the news because it is rare that good news make the broadcast. Now with a new job in PR, the news will reach me one way or another. Fortunately, it is good news that I will distribute, good news that I will write about, and good news that will be read by others.
Today I feel overtaken by sad news.
No longer a teenager and just barely an adult, I find that endings are no longer happy and no longer sweet as they were at Friendly’s restaurant with a 2-scoop dessert sundae for $2.19. They are endings full of never-ending tears it seems, with bittersweet chocolate gratitude swirled in; gratitude to one (and all) who risked their life and lost it for the sake of a country, a people, a nation’s survival.
In 9th grade I asked the teacher “Why is there war?” only to be mocked by a fellow classmate who thought the USA was always right in every situation. This Amerikakit saw heroism and blind nationalism. I saw anger and hate. He touched medals and tasted respect. I smelled burning and heard screaming. It was not a competition of who sensed war best; it was a hopeful question which may have led to an answer that might have helped end war completely. I don’t think the teacher ever answered me adequately if he answered me at all.

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shira b said...

rach, i hope the hadassah people treat you well, bkz u are a gifted writer. I think I've finally caught up on all your entries (jet lagged induced insomnia can be a beautiful (ie productive) thing :)
When u do write your first book, I'll be ready with my copy for an autograph. lov u