Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Just a Bisele*

Happy Day of the Dead!

My Crocs bit me. I walked home from work and the nasty cuts that resulted were quite painful. Those "shoes" have not been worn since.

Our plaster turtle used to bite, which prompted us to call him the Snapping Turtle. Now he's tame. He stays obediently across from the door so as to greet guests. Everyone should have a Watchturtle.

I use the term, bite, in daily speech rather freely. When an insect, almost always a mosquito, takes a nip, I used to say, "somebody bit me." Then I realized it's best not to confuse the things with the people we love to be bitten by.

Which then brings me to the recent incident with the dirty old guy tourist who feigned fear of the photographer "snapping" his picture.
"Will it hurt?"
"No, he doesn't bite."
"Will you?"

* Have you seen Yiddish with George and Laura?

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