Monday, February 05, 2007

Art Switch

Yesterday morning felt more like the Groundhog Day movie script than Friday. I left the house without an umbrella and thus was soaked the minute I stepped out of the apartment entranceway. I crossed rivers to get to the makolet (quickie mart) and when trying to cross the railroad tracks while simultaneously avoiding speeding cars who were oblivious to the puddle/lakes that they were driving through, I realized my socks were wet. I went back to the apartment for dry clothes.
The second time down the stairs, I noticed that the "art" on the wall had been switched in the short time I had been away. The cartoon-like cats were now to the right of the clockface. I think that whoever is responsible for the cats and clocks may feel as though they are on Sesame Street featuring the letter "C". There are also chintzy ceramics but Maria Montessori would not approve of that as it is not phonetically apropos.
It was just another Manic Sunday.

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