Friday, August 31, 2007

Just Call me Rosa

Today I went to the mall. I don't usually enjoy the mall and today did not disappoint. I rolled my weekend bag through the crowds and did not find what I was looking for in the stores. However, I did find fun Sabbath gifts in the supermarket and also lucked out with a short line but the mobs of people made it all rather unpleasant.
Then I boarded the bus to the Gush.

My orange skirt with aqua flowers and my indigo top went very well with the bus interior and by default I coordinated well with the other passengers who wore just black and white. I obediently sat in the back of the bus and arrived at my destination soon after. I chatted with my hostess and ate yummy bean salad and took a nap. I hope there will be a few more of those this weekend.

Missing my Ramah family group and the wake-up calls and the free endless buffets and the back of the bus antics and the deep conversations but not the heat exhaustion!

Shabbat Shalom.

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