Friday, July 29, 2005

The desert

Here we are at Mashabei-Sadeh enjoying the desert heat. I of course find myself inside the air-conditioned guest room (not quite like the hotel room of the US) watching TV on 50 channels in oh so many languages, creatively writing my short works (ask me offline and I will send you my best story yet) and calling Turkey of all places to interview someone for the August Livnot program. VH1 has by far been the most entertaining with 80's hits all the time. Why the TV obsession you ask? Because at home, we don't have a TV. In this country, there is something known as the TV tax. To a North American it is a completely ridiculous concept; paying the government for television in addition to cable fees??? That tax was just one of the reasons.
So now I have it on until the sun sets when yes, it's true, I will begin to read the infamous Book #6. A favorite joke of ours is of course a pun of sorts so I will close with it here in a slightly modified form...Why has it taken me so long to begin reading the book? Well, it is about patience. I wasn't rushing to read it, I'm Lithuanian.


tafka PP said...

My what lovely Hyperlinks!

There is a TV License fee in England too, JUST for the BBC. Yes, people have to pay for that. Mad World, as the song goes.

Mysticman said...

Greetings from Down Under, no not Australia, NZ the real downunder! Hi Rachel I was surfing blogs (as you do) looking for innocent dream information when I came across your site. While The desert wasn't an exact match I enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for the read, I'll visit again some time. take care.