Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Don't Mess with my Toos-toos

toos-toos - moped, scooter, generally for intracity use only

Those who drive on mopeds seem to think that they own the road; but then again, everyone here thinks that.
The toos-toos drivers are known to weave in and out of traffic, ride on the dividing line, and generally not follow any of the safety rules. Yesterday I saw one "go through a red light," by way of the islands, crossing 4 lanes of traffic, just before the light turned green. We, who drive defensively, have had 2 run-ins with mopeds; both of which were them running into us!


miketheman said...

I hate those damn little scooters.
I ride my heavy beasy on the streets, and I only allow myself to play around on the highways, where there's plenty of room and high speeds are expected.
But all that weaving is reprehensible.

H said...

Yes - Toos-toosim are the ultimate evil. (perhaps after Guy Pines and Tommy Lapid - but definitely up there in the top 5).

Those adverts on Galgalatz which seem to be a public campaign to blame accidents involving motorbikes and tus-tusim on car drivers really bug me. How is it my fault if some idiot undertakes me and dangerously creeps through traffic?

Luckily as yet never had any accidents in this country - one of the few things which makes me think that there really is a god who is looking out for me.

Thank you for letting us non-bloggers on your blog!