Sunday, January 08, 2006

It must’ve been a boy…

who had wanted to be an astronaut, because it was lost in space and forgot to ask for directions. Truth is I feel grateful for the whole experience. I discovered so much about myself; body and soul.
Over the course of the last 5 days: I watched “free” cable TV albeit without a remote. I broke a 26 hour fast with a cup of hot sweet tea that tasted like nectar of the gods. I cried while listening to my soulful journey MP3 with shuffle option. I originally burned the 187 song compilation for my September trip to the US but at the time of its creation I had no idea of just how valuable the mix would be a few months later. I pondered. I sobbed. I prayed. I dreamt. Hallucinations, meditations, revelations…
But most importantly, I learned more Hebrew in those 5 days than in my 5 years of living here. And that is only a slight exaggeration.

Thank you Devra, for being my sister.

Thank you Abba and Mom Wanetik, for understanding the gravity of the situation and then giving up quality Ezra time.
Thank you Mom, for being available at any and all times of the day and night to talk, share, and ask me if you could call me back so I would save money on the long distance.
Thank you to the ‘patient’ ones on the outside, who called and offered support and allowed the story to unfold in its own time.
Thank you Shira, for your inquisitive mind, your cheery disposition and your bubbly laughter.
Thank you Tina and Sarah, for your lyrics and melodies that could not have been more appropriate.

Thank you Judy Brodt, for giving me Aliza’s number.
Thank you Geula, for calling me back and then checking in again later that night.
Thank you Lisa and Alex, for allowing me to have a normal evening at home in the middle of a most surreal week.

Thank you Purple Parrot, for your cuddles, our momentary SMS misunderstanding and at the moment of clarity, dropping everything and coming to visit.
Thank you Len, for providing me with valuable information on pharmaceuticals.
Thank you Yonah, for asking minimal questions and trusting me when I said that the work will all get done.
Thank you Dad, for your practicality and optimism.
Thank you J.R., for being Joe.
Thank you Grandma, for passing on your quick recovery genes.

Thank you Erica, for the markers (that btw all work beautifully) and the designs for me to color.
Thank you Ari, for the pudding.
Thank you Shalom Leib, for reclaiming your most prized material possession out of our living room.
Thank you Gestetner family, for preparing and cooking yummy Shabbat food for Ezra and me.

Thank you Liz, for being the spiritual healer that you are.
Thank you Alys and Jeremy, for getting married in NJ so that I can recuperate with cable on a comfortable couch in T.A. with Bernard.

Thank you Rebecca, for listening to all the details by phone.
Thank you to the doctors, surgeons, nurses and all other staff at Maccabi and Bikur Cholim hospital.
Thank you Sharon W., for making us an orange welcome home soup and garlic bread.

And of course thank you Ezra, for knowing from my first smile that I would be his wife.

Thank you all for your prayers, your friendship, and your love.
It takes a village to raise a child and a community to help send a spirit back to its source with peace, love and light.


Netanya said...

I'm so glad you're ok. I was davening for you all weekend.
Your Neighbor

Sarah said...

I'm sending you heaps of love. Thinking of you and wishing you well.
I'll try calling again soon to check up. I'm always here for you in the middle of the night!

Deep in the City Walls said...

Oh Sweetie,

Sending lots of love and healing thoughts your way. I wish I was closer, but the time differene can be positive too - call anytime. I have been thinking alot about you since that magical day in Manhattan. No pun intended:) Cant wait to see you.

Lova ya...

Talya said...

Rachel and Ezra,
I'm terribly sorry about what you have gone through, but I'm grateful you have each other and Hashem to lean on. I'm sending lots of love, prayers, and hugs - let me know if you need anything at all.
Love always and I'll see when I'm next in Israel,

joebrown42 said...

Sorry you underwent the whole procedure, sorry for all the pain and anguish.
If you guys need anything (I know, it sounds crazy to offer it ina post, but still...)

miketheman said...

Hiya LapisLady,
Wanted to let you know that everything makes a little more sense after our phone call.
So sorry to hear about it, and I am sure that the right time will come along.
Oh, and the bag shall find its way home safely, rest assured.
Till we meet again,

Rodney said...


I hope all is well for you.


O said...

They say What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Well, I think that's true only when we realize sometimes 2 feet aren't enough to hold us up and 2 hands aren't enough to hold all our shtuff, so we have to reach out to others. Its their support that gives us the extra stability and resources to stand again, I'm glad to see you have so much support, please let me know if there is anything I can do too.