Monday, June 04, 2007

Distant Relative

Been thinking a lot about writing. Not only the blog but the children's books that are swimming in my head, and emails to long ago friends, and the beyond technicolor dreams I have almost every night. Thought about weaving a short entry about the plants that grow in our porch side flower boxes which would have been followed by a sarcastic remark about how the flower box was not code for anything and it was the only fruitful thing around.

Now I have the time for projects and walking to town and back. I have both the interest and the opportunity to see friends during the day. Time is a distant relative and I don't know if re-connecting and catching up are possible or what I desire. I think that trust and faith, patience and calm, peace and happiness, are worth staying in contact.

Here is a beautiful article...I shed a few tears. I loved that show and now the reality of the man behind it.

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