Monday, June 18, 2007

Some Lettuce for Some Fruit

The little old man is back where he should be, working his beverage stand on Emek Refaim. I buy freshly squeezed orange juice from him and the price can't be beat at 8 shekels for a large cup. I appreciate his return and am secretly glad that he is not selling candy too so I will not feel compelled to buy it.

and raspberries are available at the gourmet grocery stores at their steal of a price - $.18 a berry. I will have to remember to stock up when I visit the family in NJ by eating them daily.

And lime season is almost upon us again. No idea if they will raise the price again, even so, it will be worth it.

The romaine is doing nicely as is the marjoram with full sun for at least half the day and water every other evening.

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Gilan said...

Reminds me of a very bad joke my Ulpan teacher told us. When someone mentions an unfortunate possibility, you say "lettuce and her flute". Translate and enjoy.